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Viewpoint 2.0 ran on top of SunOS 4.1.x operating system. This was Xerox's attempt to bring GlobalView (which was a beautiful environment) to an open platform. This then ran on standard SUN Workstations. These included the Sparc desktops called the Sparc 10, Sparc 20, Sparc IPC, SPARC IPX, SPARC CLASSIC and many more that ran the SunOS 4.1.x. The OS was Sun First OS, which was Berkley based, today Sun has a Systems IV based unix, that is very advanced called Solaris 10.

Major differences between ViewPoint and ViewPoint 2.0 include:

   * Xerox ProIllustrator, a new vector graphics editing application designed mainly for professional illustrators,
   * Shared Books, support for groups of users working on multi-part documents,
   * A Redlining feature, for tracking deletions and insertions in documents,
   * Cursor keys, for moving the insertion point during keyboard-intensive work,
   * Stylesheets, for facilitating control of document appearance. 
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