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PC DOS remained a rebranded version of MS-DOS until 1993. IBM and Microsoft parted ways—MS-DOS 6 was released in March, and PC DOS 6.1 (separately developed) followed in June. QBasic was dropped and the MS-DOS Editor was replaced with E. PC DOS 6.3 followed in December.

PC DOS 7 was released in November 1994. The REXX programming language was added, as well as support for a new floppy disk format, XDF, which extended a standard 1.44 MB floppy disk to 1.86 MB.

The most recent release was PC DOS 2000, which found its niche in the embedded software market and elsewhere. It was based on PC DOS 7, and corrected issues with the Year 2000 problem. Branding of PC DOS 2000 included the phrase "includes PC DOS 7".

ThinkPad products currently have a copy of the latest version of PC DOS in their Rescue and Recovery partition.

For a short time in April 2008, IBM offered the license for PC DOS for just under $10,000, in the operating systems list for custom orders.[1][2].

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