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The Osborne Executive was the successor of the Osborne 1. The built-in monitor was the main flaw of the Osborne 1. This tiny screen was displaying 52 of 132 virtual columns (this was done by scrolling), resulting in 2 mm high characters. The Executive had a wider screen which displayed 80 columns, though some critics said it was still too small. The characters could be displayed in normal mode, half intensity, inverse or blink. Two character sets were available, and independent windows could be defined.

The Executive was delivered with a binder that contained 14 disks. There was CP/M+, Wordstar 3.3, Mailmerge, Supercalc 1.12, Pearl (file manager), Microsoft Basic 5.22, CBasic 2 and several tools. The Executive could also read disks from many other systems, including: Osborne 1, IBM PC under CP/M 86, DEC VT 180, Xerox 820, Cromenco Minidisk and UCSD p. It could also emulate several terminal types, such as: VT 100, ADM, Hazeltine, and HP. [1]

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