Jini (pronounced like genie and also called Apache River) is a network architecture for the construction of distributed systems in the form of modular co-operating services.

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, responsibility for Jini is being transferred to Apache under the project name River.

Jini provides facilities for dealing with some of the Fallacies of Distributed Computing, problems of system evolution, resiliency, security and the dynamic assembly of service components. Code mobility is a core concept of the platform and provides many benefits including non-Protocol dependence.

The Jini team at Sun Microsystems has always stated that Jini is not an acronym. Some have joked that it meant Jini Is Not Initials, but it's always been just Jini. The word "Jini" means "the devil" in Kiswahili; this is a loan from an Arabic word for a mythological spirit, which is also the origin of the English word 'genie'.

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