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IEEE Bushy Tree is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the visual interactive computer interfaces dating back from Paul Otlet's The Traite and Vannevar Bush's Memex concept to Microsoft Windows and beyond. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database. Check out the Help pages to get started!

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June 15, 2009
It's been almost a year long absence since my last entry. I've decided to shelve the Laptop-PDA-Palm-PocketPC portions of the tree until I can get a more clear understanding of how each branch developed, and start work on the few remaining branches.
Added the Pygmalion article stub
The OS/2 Warp 4.0 has been worked on with the addition of the article stubs: PC-DOS, IBM OS/2 1.0, IBM OS/2 1.x, IBM OS/2 2.x
September 16, 2008
I've halted work on the Laptop-PDA-Palm-PocketPC portion of the Bushy Tree, until further consultation. Wiki has been a confusing source of information, with the addition of the Toshiba T1000 as having the claim of being "the first real laptop". [1] [2] [3] Work on this portion of the Bushy Tree will resume in due time.
September 14, 2008
Two interesting questions has popped up...1. The GRiD Compass and the Epson HX-20 both have claim to being the first laptop computer. Which came first? 2. What exactly is the evolution of the Laptop-PDA-Palm-PocketPC computer?
September 11, 2008
The Hyperion branch has been completed with the addition of the article stub: Hyperion
The GRiDLite branch has been completed with the addition of the article stubs: GRiD Compass, GRiDCase, GRiDLite
September 10, 2008
The Compaq LTE branch has been completed with the addition of the article stubs: Compaq Portable, Compaq Portable II, Compaq Portable III, Compaq LTE
The Dynabook article stub has been added.
The Osborne Vixen branch has been completed with the addition of the article stubs: Osborne 1, Osborne Executive, Osborne Encore, Osborne Vixen

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  • Alan Kay won the Charles Stark Draper Prize in 2004 along with Butler Lampson, Robert Taylor and Charles Thacker.

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