The Elixir Desktop was an opportunity to bring to market a rendition of the original Xerox Star interface, but running on top of early IBM PCs and compatibles with high resolution monitors. Through hard work by Kevin Laracey, UI designer Ed Regan (founder of SalesBook Systems and now of, Bruce Dahmer and the entire company, the Desktop was brought to market in 1990. With all of these products to offer and a growing enthusiastic customer base, Elixir finally attracted the attention of Xerox, and especially one JJ Keil, a Vice President who was a major mover in the growth of printing systems. The Travelers was Elixir's key account which convinced JJ and Xerox that Elixir was serious business and in 1988 Elixir products were signed on by Xerox for worldwide distribution under the Xerox brand. After this point, Elixir went on to be the industry standard.[1]


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