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When the Compaq Portable III was launched, the timing occurred simultaneously in twelve countries around the world, in keeping with Compaq's showmanship style.

The Portable III previously rumoured to be the smallest, lightest and fastest 386 machine but Compaq only had a 286-12 mainboard ready to be mass produced. The 386 version would follow about one year later.

Compaq actually released a 286 version to restore its Number One spot in the portable market, under the pressure from Toshiba with its T-1100 and T-3100 and Zenith with its Z-181.

The design of the Compaq Portable II had been deeply improved over the earlier Compaq portable machines. It was half the size and its footprint occupied half the space of the first Compaq Portable. The most remarkable feature was the gas plasma display which lifted up and swiveled so that it could be placed in a good position for reading.[1]

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