The Atari Falcon was Atari Corporation's final computer product, more specifically named the Atari Falcon030 Computer System. Codenamed Sparrow, the machine was based on a Motorola 68030 main CPU, and had a Motorola 56000 digital signal processor (the latter distinguishing it from most other microcomputers of the era).

The Falcon was released in late 1992 and subsequently cancelled in late 1993 as Atari Corp. restructured itself to focus completely on the release and support of its newest product, the Atari Jaguar video game console. The Atari Falcon030 had many powerful features. The use of the Atari ST case was due to haste and low cost, the planned "microbox" case that was more like the Atari Mega STe or Atari TT030 case wasn't ready yet and Atari Corp. had decided to exit the computer business.

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