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ANSI Common Lisp was a response to a perceived threat of an ISO Lisp standard, spearheaded by the developers of EuLisp (which included Jerome Chailloux and Pierre Cointe). It was felt that the European community did not like Common Lisp. According to DARPA, if an ISO standard of Lisp were to succeed, by law DARPA had to use it. Since DARPA was already using Common Lisp, an ISO standard may not be full compatible. An X3 standard was chosen over an IEEE standard due to the fact that X3 is a set of standards committees that focuses on computers and information processing.

Bob Mathis was sent by DARPA to head the project, which was now X3J13. Bob had prior experience with the ISO ADA working group. He enlisted the help of Scott Fahlman, Dick Gabriel, and Guy Steele.[1]

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